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jackal Fit DumbellsOur philosophy is simple ......hard work pays off. but when it comes to our bodies, its easy to let everything else take priority - work, family, friends - but without a healthy body, you're enjoyment of all those things can suffer.

We don't promise any miracle cures or quick fixes, just tried and tested methods that work.

You can expect enjoyable time at the gym, with personalised workouts specific to your body, posture type and goals. Using the most up to date training techniques and fitness knowledge, you're guided by Al and Anna every step of the way whether you're hoping to lose weight, build muscle or even train for that triathlon you've always had your eye on!

This balanced, realistic training makes it easier for you to stay consistent and motivated... how many times have you started a training programme or diet that just fizzled out after a few weeks? JackalFit continues to step up - whether its making things harder as you get fitter, or making things varied and interesting as you hit that mental rut. This consistency produces great results that keep coming, not dramatic short term results that reverse in weeks!

So get balanced, get real... get Jackal Fit!